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FueledUpFitness™ Massage Gun is essentially an imperative recovery tool providing precised percussive therapy. It has a 20-gear selection alongside 6 unique head attachments to target numerous muscle groups. It has been clinically proven to possess a myriad of benefits - soreness and pain relief, speed up recovery, enhance performance, etc. With unmatched ergonomics, this Massage Gun Kit provides outstanding comfort and ease of use, allowing you target even the hardest muscles areas to reach. This is a must-have for everyone - athletes, physical therapist or simply an individual persuing stiffness soreness relief. 

The benefits of a Massage Gun are endless. This Massage Gun Kit provides a natural yet groundbreaking approach to the betterment of your muscle health. It helps you to recovery faster, provide effective and targeted pain relief for the whole body, and ultimately, perform better. 

We must first understand that tension is the underlying cause in many of our body pain or aches. As such, FueledUpFitness™ Massage Gun is able to provide a breakthrough treatment , relieving the tension in our soft tissues efficiently and effectively. Percussive therapy is able induce heat in the muscle tissues, release tension and override the pain signals to the brain. With it's powerful motor, it is able to send upwards of 3200r/min. Time to remove the pain out of the gain.

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