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Massage Gun Kit 2.0 x Sonic Neck Massager.
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Designed to accelerate muscle recovery, so that  you can enhance your performance. Attain the edge everyone is enjoying, don't miss out!

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Eliminate all muscle soreness, stiffness, or pain with our Massage Gun. The Perfect Percussion Therapy for all individuals. 

Eliminate the pain, enhance your gain

Providing you the Perfect Percussion Therapy - Increases Blood Flow, Clear Lactic Acid, Breaks Up Scar Tissue , Release Knots, Increase Range of Motion and Speeds Up Recovery.

groundbreaking recovery

Our Massage Gun acts to induce heat in the muscle tissues, release tension in your soft tissues and override pain signals being sent.

You are our priority.

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Fueledupfitness MG KIT 2.0

All-in-one kit - Massage Gun, 6 unique head attachments, high quality 2500 mAh lithium battery, compact carrying case, battery adaptor. While stocks last! 

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